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Top Office 365 Issues: High Network Latency

Any IT administrator knows that when users complain about slowness accessing a mailbox, it’s usually tied to network latency. Still, there’s rarely enough information to confirm this is the case. And there’s no native proactive approach to checking and managing latency issues ahead of time.

That’s why IT administrators go through the process of checking with other users in the same area to see if they’re experiencing the same issue. They’ll also request that the user try to access or to see if there’s any issue. They’ll test a few other things before submitting a ticket to Microsoft to find out if there are larger issues impacting Office 365.

There are a few performance counters and aggregates that you have to constantly measure to understand how the network really impacts the end-user experience:

  • Packet Loss: Which measures how many packets are lost during transmission. The packet loss rate is measured as a percent.
  • MOS: Which measures the network’s impact on the listening quality of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) conversation. The network MOS rating ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being the poorest quality and 5 being the highest quality.
  • Jitter: Which measures the variation in arrival times of packets being received. Inter arrival jitter is measured in milliseconds (ms).

When organizations deploy GSX for Office 365, the GSX Robot User can start pinging the Microsoft end-point every two minutes to see if any pocket loss is found. If there is, it can notify the administrator immediately. GSX can also get the average round trip time to notify administrators if the threshold limit has been exceeded. It can also send details on latency issues so that administrators can discuss with the network team as needed. Also, GSX checks the DNS query resolution to notify administrators in case of any errors found.

It is important to constantly measure the network latency from where the user are in order to detect, troubleshoot and fix issues before you get overwhelmed by users complaints.

Altogether, GSX helps administrators save time and deliver a better end-user experience by proactively monitoring and fixing network latency issues.

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