Released Notes

               GSX Server Guard      7.0.3 : GSX Server Guard 7.0.3

August 24, 2009

  • Improved User Interface by dynamically displaying error messages for unexpected errors
  • Improved User Interface by prompting the customer when the Domino Service needs to be set to manual
  • Improved the Domino start detection when there is also a BES server installed on the server
  • Improvements in the error message display to inform customer that the server ID was not password protected
  • Resolved the issue where in certain conditions,   if a domino server crashed the GSXKillNotes process failed to start
  • Resolved a issue where sometimes the OS would hang when going to reboot a Windows Server 2003
  • Resolved a display issues when the interface was not displaying the correct license information
  • Resolved the issue with continuation of processing when the Domino server was reporting a Read Lock on Directory Assistance semaphore
Posted on Aug 24, 2009

               GSX Server Guard     7.0.0 : Server Guard 7.0.0 - Beta version      Outdated

December 19, 2008

  • Support of Domino V8.5.x
  • Support of 64 bit Domino versions
  • Improved support of Windows 2008, 32 and 64 bit. This includes a new status tray icon and status message box used to go around Windows security limitations
  • Windows NT4 is not supported anymore (use previous 6.2.5 version instead)
  • New feature allowing to trigger a batch file or executable in case of hung server or task (especially interesting for creating a NSD dump)
  • Added workaround ti fix a problem when a BlackBerry server starts Domino autoimatically
  • Additional warning message, in case the SG service cannont be uninstalled
  • Default dump directory is set to dataIBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT
  • Added version of Server Guard in the GSXRebco.nsf database
  • Fixed issue in case sending a broadcast message was taking very long
  • Fixed issue in the synchronization of maintenance the first week of the year
Posted on Aug 24, 2009

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.5

June 18, 2007

  • Fixed handling of the ID file if working with the Notes client of Domino
  • Added trace information
Posted on Sep 6, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.4               Outdated

March 23, 2007

  • TThis version contains minor changes, if you're happy with a prior version, there's no need to upgrade
  • Added traces with the status of the Domino service
  • Added test to check if nserver.exe is loaded after the Domino service is started
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.3               Outdated

March 5, 2007

  • FFixed password registration issue in task monitoring in case the KeyfileName variable was not set to the server ID
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.2               Outdated

February 16, 2007

  • FFixed regression bug "File not found" in maintenance reports because of wrong directory
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.1               Outdated

January 26, 2007

  • FFixed issue with maintenance reports not attached email on NT4 in case the path contained spaces
  • Errors when attaching maintenance reports are now displayed in reports
  • Duplicate service entries are now deleted in case a previous uninstall didn't complete properly
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.2.0               Outdated

November 2, 2006

  • TThe Server Guard service can now be started without closing Domino
  • Configuration parameters have been gathered into a separate file for easier distribution to many servers
  • By default, the Domino service name is automatically set and validated in the configuration
  • Improved dates in reports and SG's graphical interface
  • Improved checking and management of notes.ini variables
  • The maintenance configuration is now added to maintenance reports in order to ease troubleshooting
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.1.2               Outdated

September 18, 2006

  • FFixed issue with invalid dates or wrong timeout values depending on Regional Settings
  • Improved messages displayed in the GUI for Transactional Login
  • Improved messages in case of outdated dll version after upgrade
  • Maintenance dates now displayed in long format for easier usage
  • Enhanced maintenance reports to add more information about processed tasks
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.1.1               Outdated

August 6, 2006

  • Fixed issue with empty server name, in reports and in the GUI
  • Improved message in the GUI, notifying of a problem replacing an outdated dll by a new version
Posted on Sep 6, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.1.0               Outdated

July 3, 2006

  • AAccess to the remote console has been removed (SG isn't required anymore to be defined as Administrator in the server document)
  • Added support for NSD dumps: in case of crash, SG waits until the dump completes before rebooting (timer)
  • Fixed issue causing the Domino server not to be started due to a corruption of the Notes.ini
  • Improved the kill of all Domino programs in case of Domino crash
  • New long term history (5000 lines)
  • New option allowing to reboot the machine AFTER a maintenance (it used to be only before)
  • New status window showing the status of some background processes
  • Improved processes and management of timeouts in case transactional logging is enabled on Domino
  • Added possibility in the GUI to exclude some Notes add-ons from the list of programs to which Server Guard provides the registered Server ID password. The Notes client on the server keeps being excluded for security reasons
  • Error messages and reports that cannot be sent because of an issue on Domino are now saved locally and sent out whenever possible
  • Added status of actions in General tab
  • Changed format of the search string for NSD crash dumps due to a change of naming convention in new versions of NSD 6.5.5 and 7.0. The new string supports all versions of Domino
  • Fixed discrepancy between the configuration saved by SG and values used by Domino in case Domino was reinstalled in another directory on a machine where SG was already set up
  • Removed writes to the Domino log.nsf that could crash Server Guard on some systems, due to unreliable Domino API functions
  • Improved error handling and error/informational messages
  • Reduced I/Os generated by Server Guard even more as well as CPU usage (really 0% compared to 1% in previous version)
  • Improved the creation of the GSXRebCo.nsf database used for remote configuration
  • Simplified status of LED indicators used in Tasks monitoring
  • Added some retries on file access, as a workaround to files locked by antivirus software
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      6.0.0               Outdated

September 30, 2005

  • NNotification messages have been improved and their format standardized, especially in case of a crash or freeze of the Domino server
  • SG's corrective actions are now also reported into the Windows Event Viewer
  • Avoided any direct access to the notes.ini file. SG uses now notes APIs for accessing all notes.ini parameters
  • All SG files previously installed in the Windows directory have been moved to the SG or Domino directories to avoid problems due to access rights restrictions on some machines
  • Improved launch of maintenance jobs to avoid conflicts between directory and file names (Windows kown issue)
  • Added many verifications on access rights and presence of required files
  • Added new values for the maintenance timeout
  • Added management of the timeout value on the Domino password registration process
  • The name of the mailbox used to send notification messages is now reported
  • Modified the weekly maintenance sheduler computation to match the one in Monitor. Programs being written in different languages, the first week of the year could vary between Monitor and SG due to discrepancies between Microsoft C++ and .Net functions
  • Errors detected by the background service are now forwarded to other SG programs in order to display them or report them into log files
  • Fixed problem of Maintenance windows being triggered immediately, even if outdated, in case of upgrade
  • Made the switch of Domino server name and ID transparent to Server Guard, which will reconfigure itself automatically
  • Fix in case the Domino Windows service times out but Domino is launched in spite of this
  • Implemented deletion of the .jsc_lock file at server startup since this file may prevent restart Domino
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      5.1.1               Outdated

April 6, 2004

  • FFixed wrong message in case a Maintenance was scheduled on the same day
  • Improved installation in Silent mode
  • Added the possibility to specify the path of Maintenance jobs in the Reboot.ini file
  • Improved GUI for R6 Domino servers
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      5.1.0               Outdated

July 23, 2003

  • FFixed problem with multiple mailboxes on R6 servers for mail sent with the test button
  • New Installshield 8 installation
Posted on Nov 14, 2008

               GSX Server Guard      5.0.0               Outdated

September 18, 2002

  • SSupport of Domino R6 (e.g. new .log debug files, ...)
  • Support for Windows XP (install, new reboot function, ...)
  • Monitoring and corrective actions on all Domino tasks, including non standard add-ins
  • Additional delay parameter used at start time, mainly for transactional logging
  • Improved remote configurator with new options
  • Faster restart of the machine in case of crash
  • Improved logging of information and events
  • New error file detection supporting R4/R5/R6 Domino servers
  • Additional security to avoid rebooting due to actions created in the past
  • Easier install and improved detection of errors in the configuration
  • Fixed bug with tasks reported down in case the server name is not listed in the Server access list
  • Improved Domino server ID's password management
  • More detailed reports and categorization in Repository
  • Prevent new installation in case the SG service has not been stopped
  • Applied new Company Identity in Logos, ...
  • Increased number of status messages to 100 in the configuration program
  • Fixed problem with the Lotus Domino service being installed but not used in case the server ID's password was not registered
  • Lotus Domino server (which is checked separately) has been removed from the list of available tasks to monitor
  • Fixed problem with server not rebooted in case of rip detection but the server still responds
  • Updated the GSXRebCo.nsf remote configuration database design
Posted on Nov 14, 2008