Released Notes

               GSX ID Manager    5.0.0

August 31, 2007

  • Supports the creation of users in Active Directory
  • Creation of the notes.ini file with parameters
  • Automation of users' mailbox deletion
  • New feature allowing to define a delay before deleting user mailboxes
  • New option for automatically sorting groups alphabetically
  • Improved update of existing ID files in the Archive DB
  • Added default "InternetAddress" field on group creation requests
  • Added default "OrgUnit" field on user creation requests
  • New option in the Mail-in DB deletion request to delete the mail-in file in addition to the entry in the Directory
  • Fixed bug in the creation of the mailbox deletion documents, in Adminp
Posted on Dec 11, 2008

               GSX ID Manager    4.2.0               Outdated

July 11, 2005

  • Requests can be approved automatically
  • A welcome message can be sent to newly created users
  • Possibility to define a mailfile quota and a warning threshold
  • Automation of mailfile deletion request in Admin4.nsf
  • The requests status is now updated both in the Local and the Central IDM databases
Posted on Sep 15, 2008

               GSX ID Manager    4.1.0               Outdated

October 22, 2004

  • Customization of the email sent with the ID file
  • Customization of the email sent with the password
  • Deleted users can be added to more than one deny group
  • IDs and passwords can be sent to several administrators
  • Detection of duplicate short names in the Domino Dirdctory during ID creation process
  • Enhanced security with new roles in the ACL
  • Mailfiles can be created with adminp
  • New request: "move user to another server"
Posted on Sep 15, 2008

               GSX ID Manager    4.0.0               Outdated

April 20, 2004

  • Most important improvements include:
  • Especially interesting version for MSPs: possibility to work in one system on NABs from multiple domains or clients
  • Automation of requests also in Admin4.nsf for a fully automated process
  • Improved graphical interface
  • Easier handling of validation formulas
  • More flexible workflow
  • Makes use of several profiles
  • Streamlined installation package with configuration Wizard
  • Important features are now web enabled
  • Archiving of deleted NAB documents
  • Better support of R6.x versions of Lotus Notes
  • Certifier files can be directly attached into the Archive database
Posted on Sep 15, 2008