All the FAQ's

  Question Does GSX support VMWARE, and how?
  Answer Yes GSX Monitor supports WMWARE but for Production version only (Not for Demo version)
  Question What environments are covered by GSX's solutions?
  Answer All major versions of Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), Sametime + Extras (LDAP, SMTP, URL's)
  Question What type of Monitoring is provided by GSX's products?
  Answer All Server Monitoring (both software and Application side) + Communication ports
  Question What makes GSX Monitor unique?
  Answer GSX Monitor is the only monitoring solution on the market to support all the following platform on a single interface:
  • Lotus Domino
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Sametime- URLs

  Question Is GSX Monitor competing with major frameworks?
  Answer No, it brings a complementary monitoring solution for most existing Consoles (such as Tivoli, HP-OV) or sometimes even replaces one particular module (eg. KM for BMC Patrol)
  Question How long does it take to install GSX Monitor?
  Answer GSX Monitor is installed and up and running in less than 30 minutes.
  Question Does customization requires Consulting services?
  Answer No, GSX Monitor can be fully customized without the need for additional consulting services
  Question Is it possible to get remote access to the Monitoring WS?
  Answer Yes. It requires a "VNC like" tool to access and take remote control of the Monitoring module
  Question How are the servers monitored?
  Answer Remotely without deploying agents
  Question How does the monitoring work?
  Answer Each server is scanned at a frequency determined by your settings
  Question What are the communications ports used?
  Answer Standard communication ports are used.
  Question How much bandwith is required to run GSX Monitor?
  Answer minimal data is returned in small data packets. Therefore very little bandwidth is consumed
  Question How does GSX Monitor determine the status of servers?
  Answer GSX Monitor checks full user processes, communication chains, as well as returns confirmations (e.g. sending mail, getting receipt). Therefore we provide a much more accurate real-time monitoring than whe using Log analysis