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White Paper: The Top Ways to Check your Office 365 Health

As the Administrator you need to provide availability and performance metrics of the service delivered to your management. You also need to understand issues when they arise.

In a word, you’re still responsible for the service that you deliver, even if the servers are physically in the Microsoft datacenter.

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White Paper: Why IronPort Monitoring is Critical for your Business

If your IronPort fails, the entire email flow in your company shuts down, and nobody will be able to send or receive emails.  
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White Paper: Master your Office 365 Management

Reducing costs while guaranteeing end-user satisfaction
In this white paper, we will examine the challenges involved in moving your messaging and collaboration environments to the cloud. In addition, we’ll investigate how GSX Solutions management products deliver value — from both a technical and business perspective. 
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White paper: Get the most out of your SCOM Investment

This document provides an independent view on the issues faced by organizations using Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint and seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their corporate bottom line.

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White Paper : Manage your IT's Journey to the Cloud.

How about a White Paper on moving your Unified Messaging Applications to the Cloud with GSX Monitor & Analyzer!

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eBook: 6 ways to cure SharePoint headaches

This eBook highlights six common SharePoint headaches that you and your team may experience while administrating SharePoint on a day-to-day basis. GSX Solutions provides agentless and out-of-the-box deployment with no code installed on the servers you are monitoring.

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White Paper PowerShell for Dummies: How to keep track of your Exchange?

The services that Microsoft Exchange Server provides are critical to the success of your company. That is why administrators must keep a vigilant eye on their environment to make it rock solid.

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eBook: How to manage your Private Cloud environment

Most large IT departments deliver services to their end users through a Private Cloud infrastructure and many others are considering deploying this new way of delivering IT to their business. Issues related to the management of these Private Cloud systems are rising.

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White Paper: Why using a Change Monitoring Module is so Critical?

Download our white paper to see how you can avoid these kinds of situations with GSX Change Monitoring module by monitoring the items that configure key Lotus Domino system components. Therefore you are able to increase the overall security of your infrastructure by tracking the impact of changes made by your team, and taking quick corrective action.

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White Paper: How GSX Solutions employs ITIL to deliver optimal collaboration solutions

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is all about the service that your IT infrastructure delivers and manages. The goal of ITIL is to deliver reliable and cost effective services while expanding business value. Read this eBook to see how GSX Solutions can help you to make the most of 5 main ITIL processes within your company. Download the white paper Here
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