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Manage your SharePoint environment with GSX

Many organizations are experiencing an uncontrolled proliferation of SharePoint servers, leading to inefficient use of IT resources and frequent calls to high-level engineers to resolve outages and other issues.
=>Control data from a user perspective and cut costs

What is SharePoint? And how is it used? These two questions seem very trivial, but in reality it is not the case at all.

SharePoint is the type of tool that can be defined directly by its usage. Usage from one company to another can be very different; one company can use the product for online surveys, another will use it to develop its intranet and business applications.

 In order to come to agreement on all of the possible definitions of this collaborative tool, and if we want to understand what administrators actually are concerned about on a daily basis, let’s accept this basic premise: SharePoint is a mix of software services that allow a group of people to work together with shared data.

Therefore, SharePoint is first and foremost a Business application. It is the business that seems to drive adoption of this technology and with its adoption the requirement that IT groups deploy and maintain the environment. This presents two big challenges:

It has to work and it has to stay as cheap as possible.

As SharePoint becomes more and more critical to workplace efficiency, it is vital to ensure that the services are not only available but acceptable as well. The only way to really know if this is the case is to act as a user and constantly test the tool, using it as a user would. It is a big job, definitely time consuming and hardly interesting.

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