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GSX Capgemini Case Study

Capgemini chose GSX Monitor after evaluating a number of solutions because it best met its list of requirements, offered the best compromise on features and functionality (including its ease to work in a virtual environment) while being a very non intrusive solution, as GSX monitor does not require to be installed on production servers.

The ability to efficiently monitor servers without having to load any code on servers was an important factor in Capgemini’s decision.

As for every IT product, the GSX products were only as good as the technical support and overall service provided during both the evaluation and the deployment/implementation of the solution.

As a brand new customer of GSX Monitor, Capgemini had very specific expectations and feature requests that they were able to work on with the GSX development team and get included in new releases after their original deployment. More than its market leading solution, it was GSX reactivity and ability to work closely with CapGemini and meet their needs that helped make this a successful deployment.

It is difficult for Capgemini to quantify the actual savings provided by GSX Monitor; it allows Eric’s team to identify a problem and fix it much faster and more efficiently, even when people are on duty. Before deploying Monitor, it would take a considerable amount of time for an engineer to go through the logs of all servers to identify the root of a problem. Capgemini now completely relies on GSX Monitor and Analyzer to provide them within the 3 first open days of each month with vital information they could not easily get without the tool before. In addition, they can now identify and correct problems before they start really affecting users.

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