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GSX Shepherd Center Case Study

At the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, more than 850 patients per year check in to receive medical treatment and participate in research and rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and other neurological conditions.

Founded in 1975, the center is ranked among the top 10 best rehabilitation hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and publishes up to 50 research projects annually.

Why GSX:

Originally, Adam experimented with an Open Source monitoring tool before deciding on GSX. After realizing that the Open Source tool did not work to the level needed and that it was not easy to use or monitor, Adam made the decision to install GSX Monitor V9. Ultimately, the decision came down to GSX’s easy configuration and rich features.
“As the Domino server administrator, GSX Monitor has helped ease my workload by automating many of the admin tasks for preventive maintenance and server monitoring,” Adam says. “I also have it set up so that any IT staff member call pull up the remote monitor when they need to know at a glance how the
environment is running.”

The GSX Experience:

Adam says he has had a great experience with GSX Solutions so far and has been impressed with the monitoring tool. The few times he has had to ask support a question, they were fast and friendly.

“A healthy well monitored environment will no doubt prove to be more stable and cause less downtime for my organization to deal with,” he says.

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