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GSX Hansgrohe Case Study

Hansgrohe AG was founded in 1901 and is among the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative high-end fixtures for premium and luxury kitchens and bathrooms.

The company continuously brings innovative products to the market that exhibit imagination and the highest degree of performance and quality.

Why GSX:
After seeing GSX Monitor in action for the first time, Hansgrohe’s IT staff knew instantly that it could save a considerable amount of time and resources previously devoted to manual administration. GSX Monitor provides a variety of functions and presents a complete overview of all Domino, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Sametime servers in use at the same time.

GSX Monitor was fully installed and running without any software deployment on any of the e-mail servers around the world. It covers all important administrator jobs and the software license is very affordable, considering the economic climate and buying challenges many companies face.

Now, with Hansgrohe using GSX Monitor V9, the IT team has an instant overview of the company’s email infrastructure, including all servers running with different tasks. This powerful knowledge enables administrators to take proactive measures to ensure business continuity. Furthermore, Matthias’ two person e-mail administration team saves over ten man hours every month, enabling them to be productive in other areas in the company such as developing applications or planning new IT infrastructures in Emerging Market countries.

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