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GSX PwC Case Study

The IT support team chose GSX Monitor as the solution for automating the proactive monitoring of business-critical replication and communications services.

GSX Monitor is used to automatically monitor key databases and ensure that they have replicated to their spokes in the specified time frame. The team use the Database View monitoring features of GSX Monitor to ensure that key databases are responding in the expected time frame. Alerts are © GSX 2 set to automatically notify the team if the expected response times or replication cycles are not met.

To safeguard the quality and performance of communication services, GSX Monitor is used to monitor mail routing, pending mail, dead mail, the log.nsf file, and disk space. A key advantage of GSX Monitor is that it can differentiate between a server being down and the network being down, so WAN connectivity is also monitored.

GSX Monitor generates targeted alerts, based on key performance indicators, to warn the support team of impending issues before service delivery is affected. This enables the support team to proactively manage any incidents and ensure that service levels are consistently achieved. Alert profiles have been configured so that after hours alerts are sent to Blackberry handsets, ensuring that service delivery is protected, even outside of official hours. If problems do arise, GSX Monitor’s advanced reporting features help the support team to rapidly pinpoint
the root cause of the problem, saving hours of investigation, and trial and error.

Learn how PwC  uses the targeted alerts and reports in GSX Monitor to safeguard mail delivery, application availability, and replication.

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