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GSX SIKA Case Study

While Thomas has been with Sika for the last four and a half years, his predecessor implemented GSX Monitor more than six years ago.

This put Thomas in the unique position of having inherited GSX’s solution. He has definitely found it to be a wise decision.“

GSX has been with Sika longer than me,” he says. “The original decision was based on both the functionality provided by GSX Monitor as well as how easy it was to implement in such a dispersed environment. I’ve found GSX Monitor to be a very effective tool for preventing errors. Since Sika has a lot of subsidiaries, and my team has limited resources available, we definitely rely heavily on GSX to help keep us informed and running.”

The GSX Experience:

While Thomas was not the one responsible for choosing and deploying GSX Monitor, he is glad that the tool is at his disposal.

“GSX Monitor is very helpful. It allows us to know whether everything is running smoothly or whether something is starting to go wrong,” Thomas says. “We’ve set it up to automatically send alerts to me and my colleagues, allowing us to quickly address anything that happens before it becomes a more complex problem.

“Thanks to GSX Monitor, we are fully aware of everything that happens in our entire messaging environment, and we can also quickly deliver comprehensive and actionable analysis and statistics to our management team.”

Having recently upgraded his GSX version, Thomas and his team are now also taking full advantage of the latest functionality including better management of their Blackberry users, which has become an increasingly important part of their mail infrastructure.

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