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GSX Oxfam Case Study

Oxfam GB is using GSX Monitor to automate daily monitoring tasks and critical administration checking, while the reporting features of GSX Analyzer are used to automate management reports and capacity trend reports.

The support team has configured GSX Monitor to automatically track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The team are alerted when KPIs reach defined levels so that they can take remedial action before the service is impacted. Oxfam estimate that they have gained two hours a day (25% of their work day) by automating tasks, and reduced down time by 30% due to proactive monitoring and trend reporting.

“…it's actually alerting us to areas we were not monitoring effectively before, i.e. mail queues on remote servers, replication, disk space in regional offices …. We're able to now respond to these proactively with the alert thresholds we have set-up rather than waiting for reactive work upon getting notified of an issue.” Automating these tasks has enabled Oxfam’s key support personnel to work more proactively and improve the overall service delivery.

Automated trend reports are used to identify where resources can be used more efficiently, and where improvements can be made. The automated reports provide accurate data quickly and efficiently, enabling the support team to make decisions, plan improvements, and manage capacity. Using GSX Monitor has helped Oxfam’s support team to streamline administration practices and become more fully focused on proactive infrastructure management

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