Thank you for your interest in upgrading your GSX product to our latest release.

The new GSX Gizmo Amsterdam Edition combines GSX Monitor, GSX Gizmo Web UI, and the GSX Robot Users altogether. 

What’s new?

New Monitoring capabilities for Microsoft teams user experience. 
I.e. test Teams voice service exactly as a user would do, calling Office 365, collecting voice quality data as well as network statistics.


The GSX Robot Users have never been easier to manage 
I.e. end-user scenarios configured in one-click on multiple Robots deployed globally.

 Complete end-to-end Website/URL monitoring
I.e. get alerts on certificate expiration to ensure service continuity.

 Extended Cisco IronPort monitoring capabilities
I.e. test mail service delivery on specific domain (subsidiaries, partners, etc) and get alerted if any issue.

Brand new GSX Gizmo Analytics module!
Enjoy pre-configured executive dashboards and get actionable insights from historical data to:

  • Assess the ability to provide great Office 365 hybrid service delivery to critical locations,
  • Understand impact of changes in your hybrid infrastructure on end-user experience,
  • Correlate end-user experience with network and on-premises server health.

View the detailed release note for more information >>

What’s your next steps?

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Frequently Asked Questions

► What is GSX Gizmo? What happens to my GSX Monitor?
‌Starting today, we will deliver the upgrade within a single package called GSX Gizmo.

This version of GSX Gizmo includes GSX Monitor 12.4, GSX Gizmo Web UI 1.4, GSX Robot Users, and GSX Gizmo Analytics 1.4 altogether.

Your beloved GSX Monitor remains the central configuration console for all your Robot Users and on-premises server monitoring.

► Amsterdam Edition, what is it all about?
We are taking advantage of this major version release and architecture change to abolish the old fashion numbering system and get a cool name for our versions.

Because our Robot Users measure the user experience from any location in the world we decided to call upcoming GSX releases after famous cities, in alphabetical order. Be ready for the second version of this series, that will be called after a city starting with a "B".

► Can I download the new version on the GSX Download Website as usual?
‌You will continue to find all the archive on the GSX download website, but as of today please refer to this page to retrieve the latest GSX product version. 

► What is GSX Gizmo Analytics Module?
GSX Gizmo comes with the GSX Gizmo Analytics module. It allows you to get access to out-of-the-box pre-configured dashboards on most of the platforms monitored by GSX Gizmo. Stay tuned, it is just the beginning of exciting analytics and BI.

► Is it a free upgrade?
‌All you need is your current Subscription or Maintenance agreement in place, and this upgrade is free. If your Subscription or Maintenance has expired, or if you are not a current GSX customer, please contact us at


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