Office 365 Monitoring

Boost your user experience. Restore visibility into the service you provide.

At the core of GSX's mission is the end-user experience

GSX provides out-of-the box monitoring & reporting to ensure your Office 365 applications are performing
the way they should at all times, 
ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery.

Specialist in hybrid Office 365 monitoring

Office 365 deployments always rely on on-premises network, hybrid identity management servers
and often Microsoft on-premises servers like Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

GSX Monitoring for Office 365
has been designed to provide a complete health & performance analysis
of any workload that could impact the end-user experience. 

See how GSX provides visibility on business-critical applications: 

Exchange Online monitoring
Sharepoint Online Monitoring
Skype Online Monitoring
OneDrive Monitoring
Network monitoring
activSync monitoring
Active Directory Monitoring
Azure AD Connect monitoring


Office 365 monitoring



Stay ahead of your users,
trust GSX Robot Users!

365 monitoring user simulation

Unbiased & accurate user simulation & network diagnostic, from where
the users are.

365 monitoring assessment

Assess and prepare
your IT for
Office 365 services deployment.

365 monitoring MTTR

Reduce your Mean Time
to Repair, easily identify
root cause of latency
in hybrid environments.

365 monitoring support

Reduce your support
costs, be alerted before end-users complain.




Gain Actionable Insights into your Office 365
End-User Experience with Monitoring

Office 365 monitoring and analytics

Office 365 monitoring user complains  Understand reality & severity of end-user complains.

Office 365 monitoring network  Correlate end user experience with network and on-premises server health.

Office 365 monitoring hybrid  Understand impact of changes in your hybrid infrastructure on end-user experience.

Office 365 monitoring criticla locations  Assess the ability to provide good Office 365 service delivery to critical locations.

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Benefits of Office 365
User Experience Monitoring


365 monitoring insights

Get real insights on
the quality of service delivered at the
location level.

365 monitoring user satisfaction

Ensure user satisfaction with full service
tracking for optimal

365 monitoring support costs

Reduce your overall 
Office 365 support costs with decreased number of support tickets & fast troubleshooting. 

365 monitoring TCO

Significantly lower 
Total Cost of Ownership and risks associated with Office 365. 




Office 365 Monitoring
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