Service Delivered.
Anywhere, any time, on any device.

          In today’s world, employees demand around-the-clock access to their email accounts from any device. 
         But when users complain that the service isn’t running properly, only end to end visibility across network components,
         email delivery systems, and the AirWatch MDM application can provide actionable insights on what is going on.

          GSX for AirWatch provides a single dashboard to track and troubleshoot mobile service delivery, as well as the
          true end-user experience delivered to any mobile user in order to:

              checked-mark_1.png    Prevent AirWatch outages, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery. When an issue is
tected, GSX provides all critical information to administrators to identify source of the issue and
                       solve it quickly.

                   checked-mark_1.png    Ensures overall end-user satisfaction, reducing the number of help desk tickets and keeping communication 
                            flowing for optimal productivity.

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Key Features of AirWatch Monitoring include:


Testing end-user experience in
real-time from multiple locations

email (3).png

Providing monitoring for AirWatch and
email services- Exchange Online, Exchange or IBM Domino


Diagnosing network and 
connectivity latency




Providing a single dashboard 
for instant troubleshooting and 
to pinpoint email delivery issues








 Performing end-to-end 
ActiveSync scenarios















The GSX Robot User 
Keeps your Users Happy 

The new agile GSX Robot Users can be deployed in multiple locations to collect precise insights into end-user experience,
delivering the visibility needed to support optimal end-user performance.




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