How to manage Traveler HA?

The BYOD trend can result in security, device management and availability nightmares for Traveler High Availability Developers and Administrators. This usually occurs when employees have multiple devices, including company and personal smartphones, tablets and laptops accessing multiple servers all at once.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer helps Administrators to better manage the delivery of end-user services by sending meaningful alerts and eliminating useless information.

Users Alerts for Traveler HA

GSX Monitor now manages your pool of Traveler servers in the main view. Each server has two halves of a LED: one for the status of server itself and one for the status of the pool.

describe the imageMainview: Traveler HA Capabilities

When you open the wizard to configure a pool (right click > create a new Traveler pool), you can see that the user needs to configure several things: alias, host name, ports, https or not, credentials, etc.

describe the image Pool Configuration wizard

Did you know? The Host name is the entry point of the IP Sprayer. This IP Sprayer is what makes the load balancing possible. Therefore, the availability of the IP Sprayer is really important to receive the status of the pool.

 Two different types of alerts are possible:

  • Admins can be alerted when one of a user’s devices has not been synchronized during a certain period of time
  • Admins can be alerted when all of a user’s devices  have not been synchronized during a certain period of time

The second alert was created for users with a multi-device strategy. You can easily imagine that each user could have 3 or 4 devices connected at once, such as mobile devices or tablets.

Traveler High Availability Statistics View

When viewing the statistics section of the pool, you can see the server as a member in the pool and view its status. This view will show the last error on the server and the status of the 3 main components that determine the status of the pool:

  • High Availability Service
  • SQL DB
  • IP Sprayer

Below, you will see an example list of users including the user name and their list of devices. The device is green when it has been synchronized recently, grey if we don’t have information on it and red if it is not synchronized or has a synchronization problem.

Statistics view device synchronization

Our monitoring tool for Traveler HA is completely integrated with the GSX suite of products, following the same logic, and is very simple to understand for a Traveler user.


IBM Traveler has been spreading rapidly and many businesses rely heavily on it thanks to its quick access to email, calendars and contacts from mobile devices or tablets.

With GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Traveler HA, you can be alerted when:

  • A user’s device has not been synchronized during a certain time period, or
  • All of a user’s devices have not been synchronized during a certain time period