Manage your SharePoint Web Front-end Servers

In the SharePoint farm, Web Front-end servers are automatically discovered in the GSX SharePoint Overview. To check the health on the Web Front-end, GSX Monitor & Analyzer uses the Web services and scans logs looking for potential errors.

More than a basic availability check, GSX determines the performance of each Web service from a user’s perspective by using them to perform real actions.

Service availability is often related to the IIS server. That is why performance is more important than basic availability.

How long does it take to copy a document, use a form and display a web part to check the versioning of a document? GSX answers all of these questions and much more by using the environment as a user. This provides you with accurate statistics of the health and performance of your environment.

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By performing these actions regularly, you can ensure that:

  • The data is available: all services that allow a user to access and visualize the data are available in a reasonable time.

For this GSX consults the Web, Permissions, Webpart, User Profile, User Group, Views and Imaging Web services:

  • The data is correct: A user has to trust the data he or she is working on. Therefore, the research, indexer and versioning must deliver accurate information.

To test that GSX uses the site Data, WB Alert and Versions Web services:

  • The data is usable: A user has to be able to modify, organize, save, copy, etc. the data in order to carry out their tasks.

To check this GSX uses the Copy, Forms, Sites, Workflow and Document Workspace Web services.

GSX collects the results and measures the availability and performance of the services delivered to the end user. Moreover, as soon as the performance is going down, you can be alerted in order to fix the problem before it impacts its users.

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GSX also provides a historical graph to help identify any problem or any peak of change for example.

It will be very simple to detect which Webservices are used the most and compare that information with the SharePoint server access time in order to check for any capacity problems.

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Moreover, GSX Analyzer provides historical data on the availability and performance of your Web Front End servers on daily, weekly and monthly bases.  These reports can then be sent automatically to the right person at the right time in PDF or CSV.

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Last but not least, GSX Analyzer provides a powerful tool to optimize your SharePoint Web Front-end servers’ environment with the Environmental Health view.
See your Web Front End and how it performs at a glance, according to the availability and performance statistics you choose, to be able to quickly identify Bottlenecks in your environment. Which Web server is always used? Which one is underused? Do I have to add another server? Is one of my Web Front servers constantly crashing implying a numerous failover?

All these questions will find an answer in seconds thanks to the GSX Environmental Health view!

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