Manage the Availability of your SharePoint Site

Managing the performance of your SharePoint site requires monitoring on various levels. Sites are made of many components that conduct monitoring via the SharePoint Web Front-end server (for example Webpart, form, etc.).

GSX offers a specific capability dedicated to the SharePoint site.


Here, you can configure the monitoring of any site you want. For each one, GSX connects to the site waiting for the elements to be downloaded and reports on the performance of each site access from a user’s point of view.

You can easily see how your sites are used if you have any performance slow downs during the day that may result in a peak of change.

For every site, you have several thresholds to be alerted from when something starts to go wrong.

You can be alerted each time the site is down and every time the access time is below a pre-defined threshold. Again, the purpose of GSX is to alert you before any user complains in order for you to fix the problems before they impact the user’s experience. Additionally, if the site returns back to normal, you can be alerted of this as well.

With GSX, you can monitor the size of your site in order to be able to control its growth.

The SharePoint statistics view offers a simple way to control the size of each site you want. It provides a description, creation date, size, number of documents and total size of the documents for every SharePoint site.

This data is in real time in order for you to keep an eye on how your environment is growing.

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Finally, GSX also alerts you at the site collection level on critical points (number of site in a collection, number of documents) and at the Content Database level (number of Content DB documents and number of sites in a collection inside the Content DB). For more information, see Manage your SharePoint SQL environment for more details.

You now have everything you need to manage the performance and the size of your critical SharePoint site!