Monitoring your environment with SCOM and GSX Monitor

GSX understands the importance of seamless integration with SCOM. GSX Management Pack enables communication between the two tools. Thanks SNMP for making this communication possible. Most of the global monitoring tools utilize this protocol. This is the method by which SCOM gets the needed information.

SCOM alerts configuration

Configuring the integration between SCOM and GSX is easy.  You just have to state in SCOM (“Computer and devices to manage setting”) new device management and then import the management pack in the administration tab.

Once configured, SCOM is able to collect the SNMP Traps in the alerting view.

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GSX enables you to set alerts per profile for each type of event occurring in your environment. For each profile you can set an alert basis and a separate profile if you want to escalate it to SCOM or not.

GSX Alert system

All alerts can be centralized on a global tool or they can be directed to a specific profile via GSX Monitor.


Each time an alert threshold is reached, whether up or down, an alert profile executes according to its settings.

Alerts can be sent by mail (unique address or spreading list), pagers, workstation program, sound, pop up, sms and of course SNMP Trap alert to an operations manager like SCOM for example.

Set one of the 3 alert options:

  • The first option allows you to set the severity of the alert for categorization.
  • The second option allows you to set a reminder until an issue is resolved.
  • The third option allows you to configure an escalation, for example, if you would like to escalate to the senior engineer after a certain period of time.

As you can see GSX Monitor offers a simple and an efficient system to distribute the appropriate alert to the appropriate team.