Measure the performance of your environment from the end user perspective

Setting up, deploying, maintaining, and improving a SharePoint environment often leads to issues and headaches.

While deploying SharePoint within your company, you have to load-test your environment with various scenarios because you want to forecast, to size the environment and to optimize the ratio cost / performance for your users.

But your SharePoint environment is like a human being. It is created, evolved, sometimes it gets sick as well. After a while, optimization of the environment is becoming critical in terms of cost and administration and also in term of end-user performance.

Finally, SharePoint users often complain that the service is slow and it doesn’t work.

Sometimes users are right, even when you think they are wrong. Why?

GSX Monitor solves all these issues very easily, because it acts as a user and gives the administrator the user point of view of the system.

Performance SP2010

GSX gives you real time information needed to check the availability of the services: Webservices performance, log file analysis, SQL connection.

Measure the end-user satisfaction

For each Webservice, GSX simulates the action of an end-user to give the administrator a detailed view of the performance that your users are experiencing within the system.

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No matter if you make a load testing scenario or if you want to measure the benefits of an optimization or even if you want to be able to be proactive to manage the user’s complaints. GSX gives you the level of information and alerts you in case of any problem that impacts the service delivered to the end-users.

GSX performs complex scenarios to determine the performance of your system.

GSX will periodically create a site, add a blog post, add a new item, upload a document, use the search services, resolve user profile and test the Excel Services.

For all these actions, the administrator will have real time information on the end user performance.

SharePoint Site Performance

Finally, a last check is critical to get a global view on the performance of your system. How long it takes, for a user to access to a SharePoint critical site?

GSX constantly measures this statistic on the SharePoint sites you selected and graphs in real time the end user performance.

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