SharePoint Monitoring: Provide trusted Data

Providing accurate and trusted data is not only a question of crawling. It is also a question of information attached to a document. For example, are you sure that the project manager will find the right version of an importnt document if versionin is not functionning the way it should be?
Multiple webservices are involved in the selection and the accurate display of these documents.

GSX Monitor constantly checks the indexer, alerts you on the last crawl, on the pourcentage of unsuccessful elements but also checks the perdormance and the availability of the webservices involved in the selection and documents display.

Monitor your webservices from a user perspective

To ensure the accuracy of data, several webservices must be checked. We have seen how GSX Monitor checks the webservices as a user in the performane page. GSX is not only checking the basic status of the service, but GSX checks the service in real time and provide the responsetime, from a user perspective.

In SharePoint environment, several web services are involved to deliver accurate data to the users.
To ensure the accuracy you should check the site data, WB alerts, and of course the versionning. In a certain way of thinking, the Webpart, the user profile, the permissions, the imaging, the forms are all involved in the delivery of an accurate data.

It's critical to check the availability and the performance of these Webservices from a user stand point.

Data SPwebservices

Keep an eye on your Indexer

The delivery of data to your end users relies on the ability of your system to present the information. Morever, it relies on the ability of your system to crawl and search the information. Otherwise, nothing could be found.

Hence, the monitoring of your indexer and your Search Services is critical


GSX enables the administrator to be alerted in case of any serious problem with the indexer:

  • Elapsed time threshold since the last crawl. As it's named, it alerts you if the last crawl hasn't taken place in the specified time.This way you can be sure that your crawler is functionning on a regular basis.
  • Unsuccessful crawl elements. As you know, a high percentage of unsuccessful crawl elements can be the result of non-normalized documents, or damaged data in the SQL database.

Search Service

GSX Monitor in the scenario tab section. It acts as a user, search for a specific keyword, and checks for results. As you can imagine, if the service is down no-one will be able to find anything in SharePoint.

GSX provides an out of the box solution giving alerts and information needed to monitor and report your SharePoint environment.