Optimize your SharePoint environment and control the associated costs

SharePoint is a central tool inside your company, but it can also become very expensive if you do not control the growth of its usage or have a short notice capacity problem.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides you all the instruments necessary to anticipate these needs to control the cost and the usage of your environment proactively.

Keep an eye on your SQL environment

As the SQL environment attached to SharePoint is growing continuously most of the time, costs associated with it follow the same trend. To have a look on what is growing, GSX provides you several critical metrics and tools to track the growth of your environment quickly.

The SharePoint Statistics view provides real time information on Content Database availability and size. In real time, you can follow information per Content Database:

  • Number of site collections
  • Size of the site collections (MB)
  • Number of documents
  • Total size of documents

Moreover, GSX provides information at the site level:

  • Description of the site
  • Creation Date
  • Size in MB
  • Number of documents
  • Total size of the documents in MB

This information gives you key metrics to control the cost associated with your SQL environment in real time. As reporting is important, proactive actions are better and GSX provides you alerts based on size thresholds for your Site Collections and Content Databases. See how to manage your SharePoint SQL environment Web pages for more information.

GSX Analyzer provides easy reports on multiple statistics at several levels.

The global SQL environment can easily report and forecast on the total number of sites collection, documents and content Databases. Also including the total size of the documents in your SharePoint environment and of all other sites.  

GSX Analyzer provides a simple way to retrieve and compare statistics, trends, forecasts on daily, weekly and monthly bases and configure scheduled automatic reports to be directly sent to the right person.


Moreover, GSX Analyzer enables you to get the same features for statistics at the Content DataBase level!

For each Content DataBase you can trend and forecast on:

  • Number of documents
  • Total size of documents
  • Average document size
  • Number of site collections
  • Total size of the site collections
  • Average site collection size

You also have availability statistics per Content Database.

These statistics can be compared, content Database per content Database, in order to see which ones are used the most and how each one is growing over time. This key information allows you to quickly identify where to focus your attention, which Content Databases are used the most and where your SQL team will have to anticipate new resources.


Identify your Bottleneck at a glance and optimize your Infrastructure

As the cost of SharePoint relies on SharePoint server licenses, you need to be sure that the load is well balanced between them to optimize the utilization of your resources. If you detect that some Web Front-End servers are underperforming in your infrastructure or crash constantly, even if there is a failover that provides the services, you need to take action to optimize the way you utilize your licenses.

The same applies for SQL servers and Content Databases.

GSX Analyzer provides all the features you need to see the performance of your servers at a glance, identifying underperformed servers to fix problems and better utilize the capacities you have. GSX Analyzer illustrates your environment regarding the statistics you want to give you a clear view to compare how the servers work and perform one with each other.