Gain actionable insight into complex IT environments to solve business problems

GSX Monitor & Analyzer offers one central dashboard and agentless technology to provide the critical information an administrator needs to manage the availability and performance of the service delivered to users, as well as the health of everything that can impact the user experience (identities, email security, Mobile Device Management, etc.)

Microsoft Identity Management is core for the performance monitoring of applications. Any issue with the identities management can have a huge impact on the end-user experience and can require lots of time to troubleshoot the issue.

With the rise of Office 365, the management of identities has become way more complex than before.

► With Exchange on-premises, making sure that the Active Directory server is able to authenticate users is usually enough to guarantee the Identity service.

► With Office 365, the on premises Active Directory now has to work in collaboration with Microsoft Azure AD Connect service (formerly known as Windows Azure Active Directory Sync- DirSync or Azure AD Sync DirSync), Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) and ADFS Proxy.

That is why GSX Solutions had developed monitoring capabilities to provide administrators with proactive alerts on performance and system usage, as well as end-user scenarios to test the availability of the service from the end-user perspective.

The result for the administrator is the ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot any identity management service issue from a single dashboard.





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