Microsoft Exchange Statistics


In order to ensure that your Microsoft Exchange environment functions within capacity, it is necessary to monitor usage and growth.  As a manual task, this can prove to be very time consuming. Fortunately GSX offers a tool that will not only provide this information but also make it available for trending and managing Service Level Agreements (SLA).
Four points are critical when it comes to reporting for Microsoft Exchange:

  • Consistent and relevant statistics
  • Pre-configured Trend analysis
  • The ability to measure against preset server level objectives
  • The ability to correlate performance with the growth of usage and capacity

GSX Analyzer provides all of these elements in a user friendly tool that allows IT administrators to meet established availability and performance goals, and follow their Microsoft Exchange SLAs and KPIs.


Important Statistics

Essential statistics vary depending on the server:

  • Mail flow is critical for the Hub and Edge
  • Database Size is critical for the Mailbox
  • Availability is especially critical for the Database Availability Group
  • Protocol availability for the Client Access Server

GSX Analyzer doesn’t overwhelm you with thousands of statistics. GSX rather works with customers to identify the relevant statistics for their particular infrastructures.

Here is the list of statistics directly available for trending and forecasting into GSX Analyzer. Everything comes out-of-the box without anything to configure.
Pre-configured template are also available to define reports even quicker.