Office 365 Network Latency Diagnostics

When you move to Office 365 the business-critical part of your IT is outsourced and lives on its own, independent from the rest of your IT environment. Managing network connectivity becomes critical to monitor the availability and performance of your applications.

GSX's real-time dashboard allows you to pinpoint and troubleshoot any network latency between your critical users and Office 365 Datacenter.

GSX covers every part of the infrastructure and the network from the user to the Cloud. This includes:

  • Local internal between each appliance
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Datacenter internal between each piece of equipment

Tests are performed at every location level allowing IT administrators to identify network bottlenecks at every critical locations in real-time.

Main Features of GSX Network Latency Diagnostics

 Network path latency  diagnostic
  •  Test the latency between each hops of the network
  •  Troubleshoot Internal Network / External / ISP latency diagnostic
  •  Max hops proactive alert threshold
Mail Connectivity  
  • Test port 80, 443 and 587 for mail connectivity
  •  Ensure quick problem detection
DNS Resolution
  •  Test a real resolution
  •  Monitor the DNS service
  •  Track resolution time to detect latency issue impacting users
Proxy Server

  •  Provide availability and network latency to your proxy server
  •  Easily pinpoint internal latency issue impacting your users
Office 365 internal
Health Status
  • Use the latest management API to provide real-time Office 365  maintenance issue
  •  Get everything on your centralized dashboard



Main Benefits of GSX Network Latency Diagnostics

  •  Multiplatform Real Time Main View
  •  Detect any Bottleneck in your Network between your users and Office 365
  •  Troubleshoot any local internal or external network issues
  •  Get instant notice on main internal issue: DNS, proxy server, mail connectivity, etc.
  •  Provide Real-Time Office 365 service maintenance status