Exchange Mail Routing

GSX monitors Mail Routing on any version of Microsoft Exchange from 2007 to Office 365.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer keeps all your messaging migrations under control by managing the availability and performance of the servers on premise or in the cloud.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer main features

Configuration Wizard

Conduct Mail Routing to and from any Messaging Environment

Additional Key Features


Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard guides you, step by step, through the Mail Routing configuration.

To send an email, there are 3 possible options:

  • Domino
  • SMTP: a generic server that send emails
  • Exchange Web Services: Admins can use Exchange directly from GSX to send an email

If you use Exchange Web services, you now have the option to choose your version of Exchange since this feature works with any version of Exchange.

When it comes to receiving and checking mail, you can choose any version of Exchange or Domino.

Conduct Mail Routing to and from any Messaging Environment

Track the availability and performance of Mail Routing on any messaging system during any migration:

  • From Exchange 2007 to 2010 or 2013
  • From Domino to Exchange
  • During a migration to Office 365 from any on premise environment (Exchange or Domino)
  • In a Hybrid environment (this will likely be Exchange on premise and online), checking to see if this important function works with this kind of deployment can be tricky.

Additional Key Features

Managing the availability and performance on any type of messaging environment is critical for an Administrator, as he has to deal with public/private clouds and on premise infrastructure deployments.

GSX Monitor and Analyzer provides Admins with a Tool to:

  • Compare Mail Routing internally and externally with or without attachments
  • Compare the performance of the Cloud versus the On-premise environment
  • Check if there are any problems with Exchange online for hybrid or full cloud environments
  • See the results in terms of performance after any configuration changes have been made in the messaging environment
  • Check any particular problem with a user
  • Check the availability and performance of any cloud or on premise environment linked to a BlackBerry environment.

GSX’s mission is to support our customers with tools that reduce the risk involved in a migration, giving them control on what’s happening in their environment, even if it’s hosted in the public cloud.

Our Mail Routing monitor tool is key to managing hybrid environments and initiating communications on Exchange 2013 and Office 365.