Better manage storage and resources allocations with conditional spot check reports

Optimize Cloud and Mobile License Allocation while Reducing Storage Costs. IT administrators can be alerted and set reports based on several conditions and filters to improve security, resource allocation and optimize the storage on-premises an cloud deployments.


Conditional Spot check reports Main features:

  • Pinpoint Top users
  • Manage mailbox allocations
  • Manage mobile compliance and security

1-Pinpoint top users

Keep an eye on top users who can impact performance or storage based on mailbox size, number of items, last contact dates, or the number of devices accessing mailboxes.
On Exchange on-premises and even Exchange Online, it is important to also monitor the end-users in terms of behavior. Some behaviors can lead to storage or even performance issue, which will impact the messaging service delivered and increase the cost of ownership, as well as causing some sever productivity issue impacting the business.

As few specific issues are:

  • Too many connections due to multiple applications or too many devices in use
  • Collaboration on documents by attaching local documents to their emails
  • Too much spams received

Identifying top consumers will help reduce the cost of storage and also the infrastructure required to provide good performance.


Conditional Spot Check Reports can really help you keep an eye on these top users and what is causing performance impact or storage growth. As an example by combining the Number of items and the Size of the mailbox IT administrator can define the average item size and identify users that tend to share a lot of documents through emails.

You can easily configure reports within GSX to be alerted or review the top consumers based on mailbox size, number of items, last contact date, number of devices accessing the mailbox.


2- Manage mailbox allocations

Better manage mailbox allocation and identify inactive, deprecated mailboxes, both on-premises and online. Creating mailboxes for new employees or shared mailboxes can quickly become a storage problem; as messages pour in and start to pile up, huge quantities of data storage space are consumed.

As an administrator, you have a lot of important duties to fulfill. Don’t waste time trying to figure out where your deadweight is. The conditional spot check reports allow you to identify deprecated mailboxes that cause high storage costs.

Conditional Spot Check Reports on Exchange Mailboxes (both on-premises and Cloud) allow the IT administrator to address that issue by running every week a report on the deprecated mailboxes based on last login date, disconnected mailboxes and more.

You will be able to receive directly in your mailbox, weekly, the list of mailboxes that are deprecated. After a quick check with HR or the actual users you will be able to remove these mailboxes and save storage and licenses that you can quickly re-use for new employees or new team members.


3- Manage mobile compliance and security

BES12 Conditional spot check reports allow IT Administrators to better control the security policy of BlackBerry users by:

  • Pinpointing devices that are non-compliant with company policies;
  • Preventing users from installing unauthorized applications;
  • Managing mobile compliance and policies using reports about devices being wiped, IT policy status, installed applications, OS and platform versions, and more.

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