SCOM Value Proposition

Most of the companies use Exchange 2013 and System Center to manage the overall performance of their messaging environment. However ensuring high availability of Exchange 2013 from an end user perspective is even more complex.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer Main Features:

Easy troubleshoothing

No overcharged server

Monitoring made ease

End user synthetic transaction

Strong reporting system

Leverage SCOM investment

GSX Solutions extends Microsoft SCOM visibility by:

  • Providing real-time comprehensive dashboards of the Exchange (2010, 2013, Online) environments, which allow  troubleshoot.
  • Testing the Exchange Service as a real user performing scenarios across the entire environments
  • Getting valuable statistics to report on the level of performance of the messaging infrastructure from both System and Business line perspectives

 Display your own environment and troubleshoot in a second!

GSX Solutions provides a comprehensive real-time dashboard of your Exchange Infrastructure organization, which is automatically pined-out by the tool. In seconds you can visualize how your environment is set-up and check its health.

Protocol Mailbox

Do not overcharge your server with Monitoring

GSX Solutions does not overload your Exchange server. It simply adds one user that constantly performs scenarios to measure the quality of service from a Business line perspective. You do not have to change anything on your Exchange environment; you do not have to script or install an agent.

Everything is agentless and out-of-the-box.

Keep the monitoring simple and comprehensive for all teams

GSX Solutions is up and running in half an hour. You don’t need any extensive training; the tool is user-friendly for non-technical users, which saves costs and time in managing your environment.

Now your SCOM team has the opportunity to really narrow down into the Exchange environment, thanks to comprehensive dashboards and troubleshooting features.

Test the environment as a user to guarantee Business line satisfaction

GSX Solutions checks at the same time the On-premises and the Online environments performing end user scenarios.

To keep track of the fundamental user experience, GSX Monitor & Analyzer allows you to simulate the user in running multiple scenarios, which represent his day-to-day tasks including:

  • Opening a Mailbox
  • Creating meetings, tasks and folders
  • Downloading attachments from emails
  • Searching for folders, email messages, appointments and tasks
  • Creating and sending emails from On-premises to Online or to the internet 


Simulating classic day-to-day activities like checking the execution time of the Exchange services represents multiple tasks such as opening a Mailbox, opening a document stored in a folder, etc. Checking the execution time of the entire sequence and of each action in the sequence is crucial to manage the performance of critical activities for Business Line.

With GSX Solutions, IT Administrators monitor each activity for organizations running on either Exchange On-premises or Online.

Reports and Statistics matters!

GSX Solutions provides all the statistics you need to report on storage, usage of the environments, mailboxes, performance and of course availability. It allows instant reporting (by drag and drop) and forecasts your future needs at the same time.

  • Check the overall capacity and performance: capacity does not only mean storage. Of course storage is at stake but managing capacity includes the management of the performance to proactively detect any slow down issues caused by a lack of capacity in terms of processing or storage
  • Improve resources allocation: the historical trending capacity together with the powerful forecasting capabilities allow IT Administrators to better manage IT resources by anticipation
  • Cost optimization lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your overall collaboration infrastructure with a better control and anticipation

Trend and forecast

Transform your SCOM into a Business line satisfaction tool!

GSX Solutions is working together with System Center to alert the Administrator on availability performance indicators that could lead to business impact. With GSX Solutions, SCOM is able to forecast potential problems before any impact is caused on the Business line. 

Our agentless, monitoring and reporting solution allows you to prioritize corrective actions and enhance the performance of your overall Exchange infrastructure.
GSX Solutions collects and measures performance statistics of your environment. It also alerts you when this performance is decreasing, in order for you to take action before it impacts the user experience.