Advanced Alerting System

Most companies use a monitoring or reporting tool to be alerted when something goes wrong inside their messaging and collaboration environments. Most of them experience the limits: they receive loads of alerts every day, which do not pinpoint the origin of the issue neither their level of importance. Our agentless, monitoring and reporting solution allows you to prioritize corrective actions and enhance the performance of your overall Exchange infrastructure.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer Main alerts:

System Alerts

Connectivity Alerts

Mail routing alerts

Scenarios Alerts

DAG Alerts

GSX collects and measures performance statistics of your environment. But it also alerts you when this performance is decreasing to take action before any user impacts

System Alerts

GSX Monitor allows IT administrator to be notified when something does not work as expected.  From a system perspective the configuration is straight forward as IT Administrators just have to set up thresholds to be alerted only when needed.

System Alerts LED status

Connectivity Alerts

GSX Monitor is checking the availability of the Exchange services delivered by each server resulting from a warning message if something does not work as expected in the Exchange Organization.

 GSX processes regular tests to check the connectivity such as:

  • Protocols Service Alerts: Alerts on Protocols Service Availability and OWA average response time
  • Mailbox service Alerts: Alerts on Mailbox general status and Mailbox Database size
  • Transport Service Alerts: Alerts on Transport Service status, alerts on queues in Retry Status and on a number of messages in Delivery and Unreachable queues 
  • Proxy Service Alerts: alerts on Proxy Service status

These statistics are available in GSX Analyzer to track trends, view environmental health and see directly if there are any bottlenecks in the organization.

Mail routing Alerts

GSX Monitor can monitor mail routing between multiple servers whether they are on-premise or on the Cloud and allows tracking mail routing performance against Service Level Agreements thresholds. Reaching these thresholds results in alerts triggering.

Thresholds alert trigger

GSX Solutions checks the mail routing path at specified time intervals. When the email cannot be routed or the routing exceeds the time threshold, an alert is issued for immediate attention.

Scenarios Alerts

To simulate common end user day-to-day tasks that are critical to the successful delivery of Exchange services to the Business, GSX Monitor is processing regular scenario tests.

These scenarios report on service uptimes and latencies to notify you when there is any slow down in performance.

Scenario alerts

It allows IT Administrators to take corrective actions before impacting the Business line.

DAG Alerts

Receiving proactive alerts on the status of the DAG is critical to manage high availability and to detected specific bottlenecks ahead of time. IT Administrators need to be alerted as soon as the system is at risk.

DAG Alerts

GSX Solutions is checking Mailbox databases healthy copies in the DAG, database failover as well as Replication Health.

DAG failover alert

Replication health gives IT Administrators the information on the replication status when the server belongs to a DAG. Replication Health Checks consist in a series of tests that give the Replication a status.