Monitoring synchronization between on-premises directory and Office 365

When moving to Office 365, most IT administrators have to manage the synchronization between their on-premises Active Directory users to Office 365 using DirSync (Directory Synchronization).

GSX Monitor & Analyzer: Main Features

DirSync is a tool that makes a copy of the local directory and then propagates itself to a Windows Azure cloud tenant Active Directory instance.



DirSync synchronizes every minutes/hours/days. Some issues can arise while synchronizing users and passwords in between on-premise Active Directory and Office 365.
The consequences are that users will not be able to log in to their Office 365 mailbox, or use any of the Office 365 features like SharePoint Online sites or OneDrive files.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer removes the guesswork from trying to troubleshoot the issue after it has already impacted business.

Check the Health of Synchronization Proactively

GSX Monitor is able to look regularly at the DirSync/AADSync status in order to verify that the last synchronization was successful and occurred within a reasonable timeframe, which is something you can configure to best meet the needs of your business.

The GSX dashboard gathers critical information about your DirSync server status using the following tests:

  • Last Sync Time
  • Last Sync Status
  • Synchronization Interval
  • Total Number of Users in Sync

If any issues arise with synchronization, the admin is alerted immediately with the last synchronization time and status, including a detailed message of the issue.

Two different alert can be set up:

  • Critical alerts, meaning that the status is reported as down with impact on uptime
    • Windows service is not running
    • SQL query failure
    • Last sync status
    • Last sync occurred exceeding the preset threshold
  • Non-critical alerts

    • DB Size is exceeding a specific size

IT administrators can troubleshoot any performance issue thanks to the GSX graphs and keep track of the evolution of the availability, server and SQL performane.

Availability and performance trends

GSX Analyzer delivers reports on availability, as well as performance of the synchronization status between on-premise Active Directory and Exchange Online environments.

The trending capacity and powerful forecasting features allow the IT administrator to control the performance of an entire environment. IT administrators can get trend reports on the average uptime with GSX Analyzer, which gives users the opportunity to understand the quality of Key Service deliveries in a hybrid environment.