ActiveSync Spot check report

ActiveSync is more often being used by organizations, which need to synchronize multiple devices on Exchange, Exchange Online, BES and IBM environment.

Collecting information of ActiveSync connections allows IT administrators to centralize detailed information about devices and users connection.

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ActiveSync Spot Check Report

ActiveSync Spot Check Report Benefits

ActiveSync Spot Check Report

ActiveSync is a synchronization protocol that enables mobile phone users to access their email, calendar, contacts and tasks, even while working remotely..

The objective of this report is to provide the administrator with a simple view of all Exchange On-premises and Online organizations’ connected devices. Administrators will benefit from a standard overview of all connected devices with a status of each user and device. He will be able to sort the information by user, by device or by sync date and see which users use multiple devices and which ones are mostly used.

With the ActiveSync Spot Check Reports, managing multiple devices and multiple users on either Exchange or Exchange Online will no longer be a daunting task for Exchange administrators.

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After Exchange monitoring (On-premises, Hybrid or Online) has been configured, you can create Spot Check Reports configurations to retrieve detailed information about ActiveSync devices, such as:

  • User name
  • Device type
  • Last synchronization details
  • Status
  • Devices for a user with specific attributes in the Active Directory
    • Account Expires
    • Company
    • Country Code
    • Department
    • Division
    • Physical Delivery Office Name
    • Country (co)

Benefits of the ActiveSync Spot Check Report

As more companies are adopting BYOD, by supporting a broad set of end-user devices, therefore security and device management takes on greater importance. Even if all of this information can be found on Exchange On-premises and Online, there is no single view that gathers everything in the same spot. Hence, this report could be used in multiple ways as it eases the administration processes with ActiveSync’s policy management, protocol management and device information.

With ActiveSync Spot Check Reports, you can easily view all devices connecting to your Exchange servers and to your Exchange Online through ActiveSync and identify old and unused ones. Collecting a maximum of information on your ActiveSync server enables you to prevent performance issues when all are synchronizing at the same time.