Manage ActiveSync Scenarios

ActiveSync enables mobile phone users to access their email, calendar, contacts and tasks, even while working remotely. The ActiveSync scenarios ensure a high Quality of Service of the mobile infrastructure in sync with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange Online, Traveler or other IBM applications.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer main features

A consolidated Dashboard

Deep Dive on ActiveSync Status

Report on performance and availability

The GSX Robot User can actually act as a mobile device to check quality and latency, taking different actions, such as sending test emails, creating a test folder, checking the free/busy services, and more.

A consolidated dashboard

Benefit from a consolidated dashboard based on automated discovery of your environment and get a status of all your ActiveSync scenarios all in one place for a quick and smart focus.

exc topology main online 10120


Deep Dive on Active Sync Status

GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests the performance of the services delivered by the ActiveSync protocol, allowing IT administrators to simulate end-users activities usually performed on mobile devices, and to get real-time statistics on the execution time and status of these scenarios.

These scenarios include:

  • Opening a mailbox
  • Creating folders
  • Creating emails
  • Resolving users
  • Testing the free/busy check service

wiz activesync scenario2

The Robot User can test the execution time of each scenario action independently as well as a combination of different actions for example, open mailbox + create folder + create email.

activesync scenario view 10120

Categorization is as well important and really powerful with the GSX Robot User. Categorization can be configured independently on each monitored server or cluster.
Organizations and tags are key components to structure your reports and control access to your data.

  • Organizations: you can optionally create multiple organizations, but each server or cluster can be assigned only to one organization.
  • Tags: tags can be used to group servers for example based on geographical or organizational criteria.

Report on performance and availability

With GSX Analyzer, you can report and forecast on Scenario uptime and latency, as well as on average execution time, to detect any slowdown on ActiveSync environments performance.

trend activesync scenario

IT administrators can configure trend reports on all these statistics, giving them the opportunity to better understand how mobile devices are being used for better resources allocation and management.