How to manage your Domino agent?

What happens when you agent runs?

Your Lotus Domino applications all have agents in them, but do you know what’s really happening when they run?

  • Do they run correctly?

  • Do they ever finish?

  • Is there one agent that is taking out a whole application or even the whole server?

  • Is the Agent Manager still running on the server?

Can you really answer all of these questions for all of the business critical agents that run in the background of your Domino applications?

How can GSX Monitor & Analyzer help keep an eye on your agents for you?

Spot Check reports can give you an instant report on your Domino application agents and tell you what’s happening with them. You can select from reporting on agent run times, scheduled agents not triggering or agents that are in error.
Being able to run these report quickly and easily is extremely powerful and will save you lots of time from looking at the databases yourself or trying to find the information in the log files.


Not only can you specify what report you want to run, but you can also mix and match how you want to run the report.


You can select all the agents in your chosen databases or just some of them. You can also pick a whole directory of databases and it’s subdirectories or selected databases.

This means that you can report on every agent in every database on every server in your Domino domain.

Has the agent manager task hung?

Being alerted if the agent manager task gets stuck or crashes is important as most business critical Domino applications have agents that maintain the data in quite periods. They may even get and set data in other systems that the business replies on. So knowing if the agents have not run and not updated the rest of the business would be quite handy. Thanks to GSX Monitor it is easy to keep track of the agent manager, or any other Domino server task.



To maintain the vitality and health of your Domino applications and data it is imperative that you understand what the agents are doing behind the scenes.
GSX Monitor can help you find out what is happening inside all of your agents in all of your Domino applications and tell you if things are going wrong. What’s more, making sure that the agent manager task is still running and being alerted if it is not is also available to you.

GSX Monitor has a lot to offer in terms of looking after your Domino agents, but that is just the start of what GSX Monitor can do for you. Please look at the other features that are available to you and you will see that GSX Monitor and Analyzer are the perfect companion to your IBM Lotus Domino environment.