Be more proactive with GSX Monitor & Analyzer for IBM Domino

Increase the availability and performance of your IBM Domino and Notes applications by managing your environment proactively to ensure the best level of availability to your business lines. Understanding what’s happening to your server in real time is critical to anticipate any slow down or interruption of the service. GSX Monitor and Analyzer simulates an end-user, and can therefore accurately determine the level of service being delivered to customers.

Use the Change Monitoring Module to track every changes made in distributed environments, and ensures verifiable policy compliance.

The new GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that gives the IT team the information they need, at the time they need it for fast troubleshooting. Read more >>

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  • Real time view: Services, tasks, disks, pending, dead mails, replication, log file, gateway consolidated view. Use Web Enabler to create customized HTML profiles that display only the servers of your choice
  • Simple and powerful alerts system: Define availability and performance alerts for proactive incident management. Identify potential problems before service is impacted
  • ActiveSync scenarios: Test the QoS of your mobile infrastructure from an end-user perspective by processing day to day activities such as sending emails, creating a folder, checking the free/busy services, and more
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  • New Alerts on Domino Disk Space: Domino administrators can now specify an intermediate disk space threshold in order to take corrective action before available space becomes critically low.
  • Configure alerts based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Use the Change Monitoring Module to track every changes made in distributed environments, and ensures verifiable policy compliance
  • Easy maintenance: Weekly special maintenance scheduled, SNMP trap enables data consolidation into supervision tool and improves time to resolution
  • Mail routing Monitoring: Define end-to-end paths and monitor against customized SLAs: paths to other Domino servers, Notes to non-Notes mail gateways, SMTP to or from the Internet
  • Proactive Mail Monitoring alert: Detect any mail server issue before it impacts the line of business. Receive alerts when the routing path is unavailable or exceeds the defined time threshold
  • Check the replication of your database at the document level: Track the speed at which documents are replicated to each server. Receive alerts and reports in the event of a failure
  • Check synchronization of your server within your clusters:  You'll be alerted in case of any problem during the synchronization of your cluster's members: Exceeded second on queue threshold, exceeded work queue depth threshold
  • Full integration with SCOM, Tivoli, BMC Patrol
  • Communicate incidents to your global monitoring tools automatically for centralized monitoring
  • Log Analysis: Track keywords and receive alerts if a keyword is found
  • Environmental Health: Create customizable reports that provide the full picture of the overall performance of your infrastructure against KPIs and SLAs
  • New Wildcard searches using specific strings, rather than exact expressions.
  • Problem resolution and prioritization: Highlight and target distressed servers to prioritize your actions
  • Performance troubleshooting graphs:Graph performance, volume, resources, URLS, applications, RAM and CPU usage by server
  • Disk space monitoring: Select the disk you want to monitor, define size and be alerted if it exceeds pre-defined threshold, monitor database usage and user activity
  • Problem resolution and prioritization: Highlight and target distressed servers to prioritize your actions
  • Clear and comprehensive dashboard: Customizable instant view of your entire environment with graphs, gauges, alerts and availability
  • Generate your Trend Reports: Automatic or manual generation, compare your servers and see what happened over the past few days, weeks or months. Generate your capacity planning automatically. Share Trend Report templates across all your profiles. Disable obsolete profiles while still retaining all the reporting associated with it.
  • Identify future issues and anticipate them before they happen with the new forecasting features. This brand-new feature gives you added metrics that are crucial for capacity planning.
  • Use the built-in statistics to assess performance: Server Up\Down, Longest Downtime, Mail Forwarded, Mail Filtered, Licenses Used, Cluster Up\Down and more
  • Control your SLAs: Check the health of your servers and manage the correlation between the KPIs and SLAs. Pre-configured KPIs template against specific SLAs
  • Generate your report automatically: Automatic generation and delivery of highly customizable PDF and CSV reports