Conditional spot check report to improve Enterprise Mobile security

Whether you manage a single, hardened, connected endpoint, or allow cross-platform BYOD, BES12 gives you control over the availability and usage of devices, applications, activities and mission-critical data.

But how do you track and manage security compliance across all devices?

IT administrators can be alerted and set reports based on several conditions and filters to improve security, resource allocation and mobile synchronization.
BES 12 Conditional spot check reports allow IT Administrators to better control the security policy of BlackBerry users.

Conditional Spot check reports Main features:


BES Compliance Reports

Report on all the devices and platforms/ OS versioning that are not compliant with your company policy.

Devices compliance reports
List all your corporate devices by type, user name and all their characteristics. Detect these that are really in use and these that are no longer used getting statistics by last contact and login date.








Prevent any of your users to connect an unapproved device with the company and benefit from all information related to these devices (user name, model, OS version, ID, pin, phone number, serial number, applications, activity of the devices, etc.)

Platform/OS versioning compliance reports


Detect all devices with non-compliant OS version and reports on all their characteristics and last activities.

Prevent your users to connect outdated devices on the company network by providing critical information to pinpoint them in a second.



Applications security report

Better control unauthorized applications to be installed with complete reports combining devices and applications information.

  •  Make sure required applications are installed,
  •  Prevent unauthorized applications attempting to access company data. Reports display all the devices with all their characteristics to easily pinpoint and fix the situation.


Enforce company data security with a deep control of theses applications installed on your end-users devices. IT administrators can also be alerted and build reports on the usage of specific applications that are critical from a security purposes.


Devices activity security reports

Report on all unused devices that could still connect on the company network causing major security risks.

In addition IT administrator have a better visibility on devices that are at risks as well as devices that are not used when they should be.


IT Policy Name security report

Be alerted and build reports on all devices that do not have the right policy applied. Make an audit report for all the devices that don’t have the standard policy and you can also be alerted if some new devices - added to the BlackBerry server- have not the standard policy of the company.

Be also alerted as soon as an existing device has its policy changed.

Prevent any new or existing devices to access the company network with non-compliant policies.

Policy sent date security report
GSX is able to provide a report that points out devices that have been recently synchronized with BES12 without any update of their policies. Hence it shows if the automated device policy update is working fine.

IT policy status
GSX is able to report on policy errors and give the list of users / devices that are affected by these errors. It checks that every policy has been successfully applied to the devices. GSX alerts on every pending, errors policies.


Monitoring of the BES12 gatekeeping services

The gatekeeping services makes sure that only BES12 managed devices can access work email and other critical information. If this service is down, the gatekeeping is down. So non-compliant devices or non-compliant BES12 managed devices could potentially access to the messaging servers.


Hence, the monitoring and alerting of this service is highly critical to enforce security of the access to the messaging environment by mobile devices.


ActiveSync devices reports

Detect if devices not managed by BES12 are attempting to access the Exchange environment.


The administrator will automatically receive the list of such devices, and amongst other things, their characteristics, applied policies, and the last time they tried to contact the Exchange servers.

With GSX it is straightforward to track that only BES12 managed devices are connecting to the company messaging environment by identifying unauthorized devices in a snap.

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