Monitor, report and alert on BlackBerry service delivery and performance while staying two steps ahead of your end users issues.

GSX Monitor is a completely agentless, intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to ensure the performance and availability of BlackBerry, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lync, SharePoint and IBM messaging & collaboration applications.

GSX Monitor provides real-time monitoring from a single user interface, allowing issues to be identified before they impact the end users. The solution discovers & troubleshoots the entire messaging & collaboration infrastructure connected to the BlackBerry environment. 

Working in tandem with GSX Analyzer, our solution provides extensive reporting features, automated trend reports as well as forecast on availability, performance and usage of the infrastructure.

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quote Mobile devices have evolved to become a primary conduit of enterprise data access. As a result, the performance of the mobile infrastructure is critical for both end-users and management. With this alliance, BlackBerry is able to deliver real-time monitoring of BlackBerry, allowing our customers to be confident in their service uptime delivery. quote2


- Peter Ng, Senior Director of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry.


  • Conditional Spot Check Reports: IT administrators can be alerted and set reports based on several conditions and filters to improve security, resource allocation and mobile synchronization.
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  • Real-time monitoring: on services, clusters, users errors, Active Sync end points, SQL connection and database size, SRP connection
  • Simple and powerful alert system: define availability and performance alerts for proactive incident management – Identify potential problems before service is impacted - Configure alerts based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • ActiveSync scenarios: Test the QoS of your mobile infrastructure from an end-user perspective by processing day to day activities such as sending emails, creating a folder, checking the free/busy services, and more
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  • Support for BlackBerry 12 Pool monitoring and reporting: Check the availability of Active Sync, SQL database and SRP connections and report, trend, forecast these components on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Easy maintenance: Weekly special maintenance scheduled, SNMP trap enables data consolidation into supervision tool and improves time of resolution
  • End-to-end tests: test the entire path from mail server to device and all the components in between. GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests connectivity at every point to ensure that Blackberry services are actually provided to end user
  • SRP connection in real time: detect any problem between your BES and the RIM server
  • Environmental health: create customizable reports that provide the full picture of the overall performance of your infrastructure against KPIs and SLAs
  • Problem resolution and prioritization: highlight and target distressed servers to prioritize your actions

  • Performance troubleshooting graphs:
    graph performance, volume, resources, applications, RAM and CPU usage by server
  • Consolidated user view: view of BES features from user to server back to user (services status, SRP connection, message flow, carrier), zoom on key statistics and metrics for each user (build and export your top ten users statistics)
  • Generate your reports automatically: Clear and comprehensive dashboard with customizable instant view of your entire environment with graphs, gauges, alerts and availability. Automatic generation and delivery of highly customizable PDF and CSV files.
  • Build your trend reports in few clicks:automatic or manual generation, compare your servers and see what happened over the past few days, weeks or months - Generate your capacity planning automatically
  • Use the built-in statistics to assess performance: server Up\Down, Longest Downtime, Mail Forwarded, Mail Filtered, Licenses Used, Cluster Up\Down and more
  • Control your SLAs: Check the health of your servers and manage the correlation between the KPIs and SLAs - Preconfigured KPIs template against specific SLAs
  • Full integration with SCOM, and global monitoring solutions such as Tivoli, BMC Patrol, etc.
  • Communicate incidents automatically to your global monitoring tools for centralized monitoring.