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The new GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10.5 release expands toolset for SharePoint, Exchange, Domino, Traveler and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
The latest enhancements include enhanced reporting, and user-based processing to improve performance and the overall user experience.

GSX Solutions’ flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, proactively checks the users need and keeps your business up-and-running by identifying performance or availability bottlenecks before they cause major impacts on your company.

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  • Powerful consolidated dashboard: Automated discovery of all SharePoint servers in your organization. The SharePoint Overview displays a comprehensive overview of your  servers organized by Web Front-end server, Application server and SQL server with availability status on each of them.
  • Advanced server management via full service tracking. Identify issues more quickly by pinpointing their source
  • Manage multiple farms on a unic workstation without adding any code on the server
  • Perform users scenarios across the global farm to enhance the user experience.

  • Server monitoring by role, including availability by server type, Web Front-End server, application server, and SQL server check of availability size.
  • Manage applications server and any related applications services: custom application services, SharePoint applications services and Third party applications services.
  • Identify any bottleneck on any SharePoint services comparing performance and usage on the underlying infrastructure.
  • Manage the availability of your SharePoint Site receiving alerts when something starts to go wrong. GSX monitors the size and performance of the SharePoint Site by controlling growth at the site collection level and Content Database level.
  • See your Web Front-End at a glance by viewing how it performs based on the availability and performance statistics you choose in order to quickly identify bottlenecks in your environment.
  • Manage the SharePoint SQL environment by checking the SQL servers, the Content Databases and the configuration databases. Offering more than just availability, get alerts on the growth of the SQL environment around site collections and  Content Database
  • Manage the SharePoint Farm and detect any problems that could impact your end-users. GSX performs complex scenarios to be sure that the SharePoint farm is working as expected.