Full Cloud Monitoring Benefits

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange Online is the only tool on the market that measures and compares the Exchange service your company provides to your end-users. It supplies you with in-depth custom scenarios that not only test the performance and availability of your environment, but also allow you to simulate a user in day-to-day actions.

The benefits of monitoring the applications running fully in the Cloud vary from one customer to another and can be summed up as the following:

  • View and compare the services delivered to your end-users from multiple sites:
    • Identify infrastructure & network/internet issue(s) that impacted the service delivered to your users.
    • Is the problem coming from the Cloud environment? If so, from where? Is it addressed to one or multiple users? When did it appear and why?
  • Guarantee the success of your migration
    • Prepare for your migration by understanding your current environment.
    • Anticipate performance issues in the Cloud and across multiple sites.
    • Monitor user impacts during the migration: migrating an environment requires co-existence to reduce the impact from an end-user perspective.
    • Analyze the performance of the new environment.
  • Provide critical information on the quality of the infrastructure and services delivered
    • Deliver true end-user experience from multiple locations, GSX Solutions acts as a user robot and processes regular task to anticipate any issues.
    • Detect Performance Issues from end-user locations before users are impacted: reduce support calls and TCO.
    • Diagnose any network and connectivity latency from the user to the datacenter.
    • Create Mail Routing tests to ensure email delivery from all locations to:
      • Any site
      • External email services
      • Round-trip tests (echo)
  • Guarantee the users' satisfaction and adoption to the Cloud:
    • When performance is optimized and controlled, end-users are more confident in using solutions.
    • One of the main roadblocks to encourage acceptance is performance.
    • Prove the quality of service delivery to the Business-Line.
    • Lower the TCO of IT infrastructures, minimize their costs and overall management of applications.

GSX Solutions is the only agentless tool, up and ready in minutes that automatically:

  • Detects the Exchange Online environment
  • Collects statistics about the usage of the mailboxes (size, quota, location, logon, etc.)
  • Evaluates the level of services delivered to the end-users (through the end-user scenarios)
  • Alerts in case of any performance issues
  • Reports on the performance of multiple locations on the same web-based dashboard