Skype for Business Performance Monitoring

Monitor, Report and Alert on the Components and Services that Really Matter when Using Microsoft Skype for Business services.

Keep your Skype for Business under control with GSX Solutions by monitoring server status as well as the services delivered to business lines. GSX streamlines communication by delivering the critical information you need to proactively manage Skype for Business and avoid any system outages.

You can enhance system performance, reduce costs and improve your organization's productivity by keeping your unified communications platforms up and running with GSX. Our product simulates the entire workflow done by a end-user during day-to-day activities.

Why is it critical to monitor Skype for Business? It allows you to ensure end-user satisfaction and drive adoption by constantly simulating users, alerting for performance and latency issues.

The new GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that gives the IT team the information they need, at the time they need it for faster troubleshooting. Read more >>

Get real-time Skype for Business Monitoring & Troubleshooting today!

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Skype for Business Monitoring
Skype for Business MonitoringSkype for Business Monitoring              


Skype for Business

 Skype for Business Monitoring



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  • Powerful consolidated dashboard: Single platform keeps your unified communications up and running. GSX provides a real-time monitoring console for Microsoft platforms, including Skype for Business.
  • Network and connectivity latency diagnostic:  
    GSX allows you to monitor and troubleshoot any latency issue with network path latency diagnostic, mail connectivity test, DNS resolution monitoring, Proxy server monitoring, and Office 365 internal health status. All these tests are made at the location level. Read more
  • Skype for Business system monitoring capabilities: Testing PowerShell Connection, Windows services and processes, performance counters and potential disk outages.
  • Delivering to service level agreements: GSX is smart about cause-and-effect between input factors (KPIs) and the required outcomes.
  • Advanced synthetic transactions through powerful end-user scenarios: With GSX Robot User you can simulate critical end-users' daily tasks and check the availability of Skype for Business connectivity by frequently controlling the execution time threshold.
  • Proactive notifications: Detect any peak of charge or latency issues and be instantly alerted. Set up predefined thresholds on performance and anticipate potential outages before they impact the business line.
  • Troubleshoot quality of service issue: Retrieve the performance counters you need to troubleshoot the quality of service you deliver to your users with valuable statistics.
  • Front-end services management: Test every critical service by the front-end server and check the latency on user authentication, address book services access, presence service, number of connected users, etc.
  • Supervision tools integration: Instantly integrate GSX Monitor's capabilities straight into your SCOM administration tab
  • Skype for Business Edge Server Monitoring: Get the status on the health of the Edge server while being alerted to any abnormal activities, such as authentication failures, allocation failures, bad requests, sends timed out, average message processing, and more.
  • Skype for Business Mediation Server Monitoring: Obtain key health indicators to anticipate any interruption for the end-users, such as total failed calls, media connectivity check failure, load call failure index, and more.
  • Skype for Business Web conference services tests: GSX constantly checks if your users are able to use Web conferencing by actually creating the conference, activating its features and calculating the operation's latency.
  • Instant messaging services monitoring: Test the connection from your tablet or cell phone between two or more users.
  • VoIP services monitoring: Test the Skype for Business server's commutation ability. GSX tests if a user can use Skype for Business to call an external number through the PSTN, peer-to-peer Call and VoIP call. 
  • Consolidated real-time reports: GSX collects performance counters to check each server's health for troubleshooting improvement.
  • Trends and forecast automated reports: Reports are generated for every statistic with user friendly interfaces and fast configurations and templates.