Hybrid Cloud Monitoring Benefits

The benefits of monitoring the applications running in a Hybrid model vary from one customer to another and can be summed up as the following:

  • Run applications where they are most needed and increase Business line acceptance:
    • When performance is optimized and controlled, end users are more confident in using enterprise solutions
    • One of the main roadblocks to encourage acceptance is performance
    • Prove the quality of service delivery to the Business line
    • Lower the TCO of IT infrastructures, decrease costs of infrastructures and overall management of applications
  • GSX provides an easy way to maximize the ROI of the Exchange infrastructure as it offers the perfect solution for cost optimization prior to any migration to the Cloud
    • Consolidation and merging: Are you merging a platform? Is the targer platform able to support the load?
    • Co-existence of messaging platforms: migrating an environment requires co-existence so how to reduce to reduce the impact from an end-user perspective
  • Flexibility and elasticity of resources allocation
    • Following the exact consumption of resources and the usage of your infrastructure allows you to perfectly match the supply and demands, avoiding oversized or undersized infrastructures and therefor reducing costs
  • It eases and speeds up the troubleshooting when performance issues happen from an end user perspective:
    • Is the problem coming from your environment? If so, from where? Is it addressed to one or multiple users? When did it appear and why?
    • Is the problem coming from the Cloud environment?
  • Hybrid Cloud can be the first step to full Cloud service usage
    • Allowing IT administrators to anticipate any performance slows down, giving accurate metrics and proof of the performance and quality of services to each Business line is critical.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the best solution to manage your hybrid messaging environment:

  • Preventing a few minutes of email down time, IT Managers will soon reach the ROI. As IT Administrators will be alerted
  • Business continuity is a concern for many companies and suffering from a situation like not receiving emails due to the email server being down or the service being interrupted is not an option
  • Better control in service delivery from a Business line perspective