Streamline your Business-Critical Messaging and collaboration environments

The new GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10.6 release expands our toolset for IBM Traveler by supporting High Availability, Exchange, on prem and On-line and SCOM.

Our latest enhancements bring the solution to the next level by providing GSX customers with valuable features to support their unified messaging strategy on a mobile device or tablet, whether it’s on premise or in the cloud.  

The GSX Solutions flagship product, GSX Monitor and Analyzer, proactively checks users needs and keeps your business up-and-running by identifying performance or availability bottlenecks before they cause major impacts on your company.

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Main New features

IBM Traveler High Availability

GSX brings advanced support to IBM Traveler HA.  This new capability has been developed to eliminate misleading alerts when BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users access their email, calendars and address books via multiple mobile devices.

With the GSX Monitor & Analyzer release, you can be alerted if:

  • A user’s devices has not been synchronized during a certain period of time, or
  • All of the user’s devices have been synchronized during a certain period of time

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Mail Routing on any version of Microsoft Exchange from 2007 to Exchange Online

GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.6 is able to track Mail Availability and Performance across Hybrid Environments, including Exchange 2007 to 2013, Office 365 and IBM Domino

The New GSX Monitor & Analyzer features enable Administrators to:

  • Track their availability and performance during migrations from earlier versions of Exchange, Exchange to Office 365, Domino to Exchange, etc.
  • Compare cloud vs. on-premise performance
  • Compare internal vs. external routing, with or without attachments
  • Check for problems with Exchange Online in hybrid cloud environments
  • Check the availability and performance of links in Blackberry environments

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GSX Management Pack for SCOM Enhancements

New features include:

  • When GSX sends a “back-up” alert, the alert will be automatically closed in SCOM dashboard. Administrators no longer need to check manually, and all alerts visible are always relevant. Alerts are now better sorted in the dashboard, depending on their level of importance (information, warning and critical).
  • GSX is now seen and managed directly from the SCOM “Active Alert View”, along with the other SCOM alerts.
  • Administrators will only receive the alerts that matter to their messaging environments.