Monitor and troubleshoot IBM DB2 from multiple locations in real time, as well as the applications that are using it.

DB2 servers are fueling mission-critical applications, so having visibility into the status of their health and usage is essential. Most of the latency in IBM DB2 is related to misconfigurations or optimization issues, such as indexing problems that can impact global system performance. 

GSX for DB2 provides IT Administrators and DBAs with a comprehensive view of the performance of the DB2 servers and databases from multiple locations.

GSX for DB2 does not require any agent to be loaded on servers, thereby providing admins with a highly flexible monitoring system – without compromising on performance and depth.

The new GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that gives the IT team the information they need, at the time they need it for fast troubleshooting. Read more >>

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  • Powerful real time dashboard: Benefit from a single dashboard that delivers all your DB2 Server performance metrics from multiple locations, allowing you to detect IT bottlenecks ahead of time. The dashboard also displays the real-time status of front-end application servers that are using IBM DB2 as a backend.
  • End-to-end performance monitoring: this includes DB2 availability and performance, network diagnostics, and front-end applications.
  • End-user impacts: including CPU & RAM usage, disk access, queue of queries, agent wait time, statistics related to proc time and to the cache.
  • DB2 Server Availability: GSX calculates the availability using query execution time, allowing IT Administrators to easily visualize these metrics using graphs to compare servers and databases, detect bottlenecks, and be proactive in troubleshooting performance issues.
  • System Performance Monitoring: Keep track of anything that directly impacts SQL infrastructure performance, including CPU usage, RAM usage, memory free, memory swap, virtual memory, as well as disk access.
  • DB2 Cache Monitoring: Cache monitoring is critical to prevent overload and critical failures. GSX allows you to prevent disk access rise and abnormal behavior of the cache by monitoring IO wait time and total BP hit ratio.
  • Queries optimization: detect queries that impact overall performance by overloading the cache. It is important to detect bottlenecks proactively. Statictics that GSX for DB2 checks are the lock wait time (queue of queries) and the agent wait time.