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GSX Solutions offers one central dashboard and agentless technology to provide the critical information an Office 365 administrator needs to manage the availability and performance of the service delivered to users, as well as the health of everything that can impact the user experience.

GSX for ADFS will collect key performance indicators and usage statistics. For example, GSX will alert and report on number of tokens, number of federation metadata requests, number of artifact resolution requests, certificate expiration dates.

GSX not only performs server monitoring, but also mimics end-user actions and performs synthetic transactions on the ADFS environment.

Many large companies use ADFS alongside an ADFS Proxy that sits in their DMZ. To monitor this critical part of your infrastructure, GSX provides the same tests that we do at the ADFS level. 

The new GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that gives the IT team the information they need, at the time they need it. Read more >>

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  • Powerful real time dashboard: Benefit from a single dashboard that displays Office 365 availability and critical statistics & graph at the same time as their hybrid Identities Management (AD, ADFS, ADFS Proxy, Azure AD Connect) to detect IT bottlenecks ahead of time
  • End-to-end performance monitoring including Microsoft identities (AD, Azure AD Connect, ADFS, ADFS Proxy) availability and performance, network latency diagnostics, and front-end applications monitoring.
  • End-user impacts: GSX performs end-user scenario and perform synthetic transactions on ADFS environment for proactive incident management. For example, GSX as a user will send the request against windows credentials and it make sure ADFS server responding request with the token quickly.
  • System availability: GSX checks the network connectivity and provides live monitoring and reporting for CPU, Memory, and Average Disk time. GSX also monitors performance of ADFS and ADFS proxy through critical performance counters, which is really helpful to troubleshoot the issue quickly in any organization during congestion or performance load issues.
  • ADFS Usage: GSX measures the real time activity of the ADFS to anticipate overload of the service. GSX checks the number of token request, the number of federation metadata request and the number of artifact resolution requests.
  • Certificate monitoring: Certificates play a major role in ADFS and it’s very important to monitor and make sure we renew the certificates before they expire and create huge impact in organization. GSX collects ADFS certificate information and triggers an alert to administrators on Expiry notification with the date of expiration, subject, and thumbprint value.
  • System performance monitoring: Keep track of anything that directly impacts ADFS and ADFS Proxy performance with real time graphs, including CPU usage, RAM usage, % disk time, average disk queue length and critical windows services for fast troubleshooting.
  • Network diagnostic: GSX continuously measures the network latency to ensure optimal performance and safe replications. GSX realizes ping of the servers, ensures that the telnet of the dedicated port is opened, and checks Active Directory Domain Service (NTDS) availability.