The Service Account

The Technical Stuff

This is a service account that is created in your Office 365 tenant and is used by the tool to access your Office 365 configuration details. When you log in to your Office 365 as an Administrator, you will see this account along with all your other users.


The service account has the following characteristics to ensure the safety and security of your Office 365 environment:

  • It is unlicenced and has no Office 365 mailbox ensuring that your organisation is not charged by Microsoft for this account
  • A secure password, unique to your organisation.
  • Read-only access to your Office 365 environment. Once this service account has been created, GSX does not have the ability to make modifications to your Office 365 environment.

This account is added to the following Office 365 built-in security groups:

  • View-Only Organization Management 
  • Service Administrator 

This account must exist and be correctly configured before you can use the tool. When you sign up to GSX 365 Usage or GSX 365 Security Audit you have the option to create this user account yourself or use our automated service to create it for you.