Yammer & SharePoint Analytics

GSX 365 Insights provides Community Managers with a deeper understanding of their impact on Yammer or SharePoint. 

Our solution provides deep insights to measure engagement within your community, promote adoption, and increase overall ROI of the platforms. We collect the information that you need to empower your business line and your company visibility on the Microsoft networks.

  • View usage statistics that enable you to trend the use of your tools over time across your organization. This allows you to see the level of involvement in each department, and to identify the most active and inactive groups.
  • View activity reports which show the most popular Yammer groups and networks, as well as the top SharePoint sites.
  • Identify and target influencers by identifying who is the most actively engaged. Reports can also identify inactive users.
  • Measure the impact of your announcements and posts by finding out which content attracts the greatest audience response.

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Yammer Analytics

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  • Get analytics for Yammer, SharePoint online and SharePoint On-premises, from a single interface.
  • Available on both SaaS or on-premises deployment.
  • Measure User adoption: We calculate statistics that enable you to trend the use of your tool over time, and across your organizations. This allows you to discover the level of involvement for each department, and identify the most active or inactive ones.
  • Activities Reports: Discover what are the most popular Yammer groups or Networks, and top SharePoint sites.
  • Identify and target influencers: Discover which populations are the most engaged by ranking your users by their level of activities. These reports can help identify and target inactive users.
  • See engagement level: See contributions per user, team and department.
  • Measure the impact of your announcements and posts: Find out which content attracts the audience. GSX 365 Insights is the only tool that is able to tell you how many people view an announcement in Yammer.
  • Track the most discussed topics in your Network, and monitor over time your most active topics.
  • Top documents: See who viewed them, downloaded them, and who the owner is.
  • Benchmark: It provides a comparison by same size organization or within your industry. You can see their evolution, and you can position your company compared to others on every statistic you see on the screen.
  • Model your populations to get pinpoint analytics: Modeling can be done via Yammer profiles, import of a simple CSV file to chart your organization, and soon via automatic synchronization with Office 365 Active Directory.
  • Access delegation: Community Managers can see only the network, group or site that they are in charge of.
  • At-a-glance display: Get a complete picture of statistics, easy to read and explore. Timeline feature allows you to drill down into the period you want to analyze. Every dashboard is fully customizable to show only the statistics that matter to you.