Office 365 Administration  

Mass Office 365 users and licenses management made easy. 

GSX 365 Enterprise Management platform provides an intuitive dashboard to make the administration
of very large volume of cloud users fast and efficient.

With clicks of a button, you can transact hundreds to thousands of users at a time – whether onboarding/offboarding users,
resetting users passwords, delegating permissions, assigning/unassigning Office 365 licenses, moving users in and out
of distribution 
and security groups.

All administrative functions are highly automated with comprehensive audit and reporting solution dramatically
cutting down on the level of effort and amount of resources required to manage large organizations.

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GSX 365 Enterprise Management

GSX 365 Enterprise Management

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Demo Office 365 Administration




Intelligent Features for
Office 365 Administration

General User reports Easy to use:and intuitive user interface available in SaaS mode to manage large Office 365 tenant and users.

Mail traffic reports License Management:One stop shop solution to drill down on Exchange Online licenss.

Security and compliance reports Multitenant Administration:Manage any number of users, devices and any number of tenants all at the same place.

License reports Extensive automation: Allow large organization to provision/deprovision large number of users in one click.

Mobile device reports Management: of any number of devices and any number of users and mailboxes.

Skype for Business Reports Role Based administration: Customizable role-based access control.

 Exchange Online reports Bulk user manipulation: Onboarding/offboarding users, resetting users passwords, assigning/unassigning Office 365 licenses, moving users in and out of Distribution and Security Groups.

Service Status reports Hierarchy Management: Perform group actions on a large number of users. Break up all Office 365 users into Organizational Unit (OU) thanks to the Hierarchy feature to ease the organization management. Make your OU inherit from the same Exchange attributes as their parent OU very easily.

Office 365 Clutter Report Mass administration actions:Move hundreds to thousands of users in or out of any Organization Unit (OU) thanks to SuperClick capabilities. Get automatically assigned or unassigned the complete OU attribute set with one mouse click.

Security and compliance reports Manage several organizations:spread around the world and pick the language of choice with more than 14 languages available.

Service Status reports Comprehensive audit and reporting dashboard: Capture all administrator and customer actions. Benefit from more than 20 built-in reports.

Office 365 Clutter Report Transactions Auditing::Track any changes made on licenses or user configuration. Delegate administration tasks with confidence while troubleshooting issues from multiple offices.



Benefits of GSX's Office 365 Administration Tool

 Save money Maximize licenses ROI: One stop shop solution to track license usage and save time and money on Office 365 license management.

Access and produce customized reports Reduce operating costs: Perform massive users management in one click and prevent manual errors of the help desk team. Save thousand of hours on administration tasks.

Track migrations progress Improve resource allocation: Save money by identifying unused licenses and analyze how Office 365 services are being used.

Identify security risks and cost savings Report on Office 365: No need for complex PowerShell scripts to produce customized reports and graphs. Everything is delivered via email in PDF or CSV format.
Identify trends and measure adoption Improve tool provisioning: Give help desk the tool they need to solve end users issues and track changes easily.

Easily monitor compliance and security Mass Management: All Office 365 administrative functions are highly automated cutting down on the level of effort required to manage any cloud organization's



What You See is What You Get

       Connection by Client type 1/5       Administration User Panel 2/5           Account User Administratrion 3/5   Assigned/Unassigned Licenses 4/5   User Edition Panel 5/5                                               



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