Pricing for SharePoint

GSX Monitor &


GSXMonitor128     GSXMonitor128


$ 972 /server/year


  •  Farm Discovery and Monitoring
  •  Proactive Alerts
  •  Performance Troubleshooting Graphs
  •  Log Files Analysis
  •  SQL Availability and Size Monitoring
  •  Server and Site Monitoring
  •  Pre-configured Reports
  •  Trends and Forecasting Automated Reports
  •  SLA Reporting

For information on specific pricing, applying the volume discount and other questions, please send us an email or give us a call.

Services Packages

Optional service packages to incorporate training and consulting opportunities are available.  GSX Solutions provides you with services for implementation, configuration and product training.

Services are sold in blocks of units, the minimum is 8 units per order.

Customers are offered the option to have consulting available on-site or via a remote connection.

Example of Unit Usage:

  • 4 units - a half day dedicated remote session. (4 hours)        
  • 12 units plus expenses - a full day on-site.

    Please contact us for volume discounts and pricing on optional modules.