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I am referencing GSX Groupware Solutions because their product GSX Monitor is a very useful tool of excellent quality and their technical support is the best I’ve ever seen. GSX Monitor has given us keener insight into the performance trends and availability of our most critical Domino servers.

We are able to monitor a variety of server functions with greater ease and in more detail than we were before implementing GSX Monitor. The data provided by GSX Monitor is even more useful and credible because GSX Monitor communicates with Domino servers just as a Notes client does, giving us a “user’s eye view” of our server environment.

The user interface is packed with function but is layed out so well that nearly everything is right where you’d expect it to be.

Their tech support has been incredibly responsive, helping us use the tool but more importantly helping us understand how to probe our environment and interpret our findings. We are very well satisfied with the value we get from GSX Groupware Solutions’ products and support.

The insight we gain from GSX Monitor’s data and from GSX Groupware Solutions technical support is very helpful in identifying problems and tuning our systems for greater availability. We are very likely to continue using GSX Groupware Solutions tech support for our existing licenses and after a recent merger we are looking right now at expanding GSX Monitor’s presence into Domino environments where it has not been used yet.