A large Financial Institution partner information

GSX has provided an invaluable tool for Domino Administrators. Although I have not extensively used other monitoring tools for managing Domino servers, I would easily challenge that GSX has no equal. The data is real time and has proven to be very accurate. Intelligent, yet very user friendly interface. Intuitive online help for configuring GSX to your customized needs. Technical staff has provided very satisfactory response to all our questions and inquiries. The service provided is outstanding. The GSX team is very confident about their product, and rightfully so. They seem to enjoy the challenges presented them in implementing feature requests, so as to ensure all of their customers get the most out of their GSX product. GSX has provided us the ability to proactively respond to issues long before our end user base becomes aware or is even impacted in any way. GSX has made it possible to save on invaluable resource time and money when pinpointing isolated problems within our Domino environment. GSX is a first choice recommendation for Lotus Notes/Domino application monitoring.