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We are using GSX Monitor since the product came on the market. A very big advantage is the approach not to use any software component on the server. In our network with about 100 servers in 40 locations all over the globe any server change requires complex logistics and resources. Monitor is acting as a smart Notes client programmed to monitor the network. A minor or major Notes server upgrade is no headache. Planning is simple because there is no depency between monitoring product and code version on the server. Implementation therefore is fast too.

Almost no resources are needed on the server for monitoring. Server-based monitoring is sometimes quite intrusive and contributes to instability due to crashes or lock-ups of the add-in task. Installation of GSX monitor is simple and straightforward. With the web interface the network status is available anywhere in the enterprise on a glance. Consolidation of the status info in the repository database enables us to look at the history of the network and provide trends over time.

In a nutshell GSX Monitor is a very clean and easy to use tool with great functionality. Support from GSX is always timely and competent. Our needs are quite well covered.